Ugh, can I just complain about how much it sucks to be 21 and to still get acne* and to have acne scars, even though you've been going to the dermatologist since you were 12? BLAGH. I love, love, love makeup, but my skin is so textured that even though foundation and concealer can cover things, it also emphasizes the texture of my skin...and it's just not as pretty and smooth. So to anyone who has perfect skin, I envy you! Also, there are definitely days where I don't put on makeup at all just because I don't care so much anymore, so it's not like I'm slathering on makeup everyday.

I don't know what else to do. I'm hoping to switch to a new dermatologist to go to in March.

*My acne's hormonal...even birth control doesn't really help out anymore.